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Kiddie Pirate

Interactive Kiddie Ride with Monitor
Insert coins to start the game.
Rotate steering wheel to control boat.
Press the button on the steering wheel to attack the
target ship. The more ships you shot, the more
score you win.

Dim.: (W)220cm (D)190 cm (H)210cm (WT)250kgs

Fishing Hour

1.Enjoy the Fun of Fishing!

2.Unique nautical theme and
penguin- cabinet design!

3.Flexible steering wheel easy for
Kids to Control!

4.High resolution LCD monitor
with colorful graphics!

Dim.: (W)104cm (D)172 cm (H)232cm (WT).kgs

Kiddy Motor

Kiddie Ride with Video Racing Game !

First real simulation of racing scene
for kids

Various Color Available!

Dim.: (W)87cm (D)145cm (H)147cm (WT)244kgs

Poke Em

Hey! Kids! There are many gifts waiting for you!
Chose the one you like, push out it through the
hole then you can get it!

Age: 6 Above ~ 18+

Dim.: (W)90cm (D)98 cm (H)210cm (WT).kgs

Treasure Kart

- Interactive Kiddie Ride
- 19”LCD monitor
- attractive game and music
- enjoy the game and the ride

Dim.: (W).150cm (D) .100cm (H) .160cm (WT).kgs

Kiddie Sub

Are you ready for the under Sea world? Have that
gago and follow me!!
Meet the fanciest among all our kiddie rides!
l Special lighting effects on sides and top of
the cabinet.
l Great center attraction for FEC
l 29” LCD Monitor with long bench built-in ! 
Generating your income starts Just from Here!

Dim.: (W)140cmcm (D)238cmcm (H)240cmcm (WT)350kgs